The Intern (2015) – Movie Review

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy
Starring: – Robert De Niro
– Anne Hathaway
Running Time: 121 minPlot: A 70 year old widower takes a job as an intern at an e-commerce company and develops a friendship with his boss and founder of the company.

After having dinner on a friday night at Le Mall Dbayeh we were wondering what our next activity would be since we had no plans for the evening. Instead of hitting the pubs we decided to check out the new releases and watch a movie.

Upon checking the posters of new movies showing now we decided to watch The Intern as we’ve been seeing the trailer and heard so much about it.


After stocking up on popcorn, candies and drinks we headed towards the theater and got comfortable in our seats.

As the movie begins we get introduced to Ben, a 70 year old retired widower who’s bored with his now empty life and is constantly looking for something to fill his time and keep his mind off things, He stumbles upon an ad for senior interns and decides to try out.

Jules (Anne Hathaway), owner of the e-commerce company, is a stressed out but extraordinary woman who’s in danger of being pushed out of her big seat in the company after turning it into a huge success in only 18 months.

It was funny and enjoyable to watch the two interacting. We loved Robert De Niro’s character and the warm friendship that takes place between him and Anne Hathaway’s character.There’s a definite chemistry between the two actors and the audience can clearly feel it.
Although later on in the movie the attempt to amp up his life with a romantic interest borders on uncomfortable we still loved his sweet, easy going take on life and his fairy godmother like guidance to Jules (Anne Hathaway)

We unfortunately were not sold by Matt’s performance; it felt weak, rehearsed and most of his lines were blurted out with awkward facial expressions.
On top of that it seemed like he and Anne just did not click as the married couple, there was no charm, no sparks, no chemistry, we felt no history between the characters.

In conclusion, Although the movie is quite entertaining and fun, there is no overlooking the fact that the scenario was a little less than impressive, but with that said, it was beautiful to watch this unlikely friendship between Ben (Robert De Niro) and Jules (Anne Hathaway) blossom, and we do recommend you watch this light hearted fun movie.

What do you guys think !?

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