Punta Del Este – Jounieh

We found ourselves lately wondering at the sudden decline in service at restaurants and pubs around the country. It’s gotten to a point where if a waiter/waitress can get us through the meal without being annoyed or rude it would be a pleasant shock.

But nothing prepared us to what we encountered at Punta Del Este in Jounieh’s Old Souk. Before we begin it’s important to note that we are regular customers at Punta and our group is never less than 6 whenever we choose to go there for drinks.

Upon arriving we asked the host if we can get a table since we are a group of 8 and he told us we’d have to sit at the bar since we’ll only be having drinks and the tables are only for people wishing to have dinner. We sat at the bar waiting for our friends to arrive and ordered their specialty of the night called a Pear Tini. What we received was a Pellini, we informed the bartender that this was not the drink we ordered and his response was Pellini is what I heard. No apology, no fixing the order, nothing!

A professional bartender would have first apologized for the misunderstanding and second changed the drink. We decided not to let a small thing ruin our night so we said nothing. Our friends arrived shortly after and came sat next to us at the bar. Upon seeing us talking and saying hi the bartender asked us if we knew each other and we said yes we’re one group. He told us that they have a policy that forbids them to seat more than 3 people from one group at the bar and joked by saying if we would have said we did not know each other he could have let all of us sit at the bar. The bar was literally empty and there was a place for each one of us but he refused to let us sit comfortably. Instead we were seated 3 at the bar and the rest on chairs behind us which was extremely uncomfortable and annoying as we kept needing to turn in order to be able to talk and our friends on chairs had nowhere to place their drinks and had to carry their glass the entire time. These weird and silly policies would make sense if the place had been packed but the entire time we were there the tables were empty and even when the bar was empty they did not let us sit there.

Now for the cherry on top of such horrendous night, one of our friends ordered a bottle of water and the bartender picks up a big glass bottle and violently sets it on the table where my mobile phone was cracking what I first thought was my screen. Again no reaction he moves on to other things I tell him he may have cracked my phone and instead of apologizing he rudely tells me to take my phone and go inside and they will fix it for me. while i frantically inspect my phone and find that he literally cracked through my tempered glass screen protector which is extremely thick meaning if it wasn’t for that my phone would have been history. I tell him it is just the screen protector and in an annoyed rude tone as if he just wants to hit me he says and I quote “KHALAS YA3NE MESHE 7ALIK!”

We were all shocked at his attitude and rudeness that we got the check and got the hell out of there and all our friends swore to never set foot there again.

Upon getting home we decided to call the management and we asked to speak with the manager, the girl who answered tried to give him the phone but he seemed annoyed that someone has the audacity to call and ask for him so she asked us what it was about. When we insisted we talk to the manager she gave him the phone and we were greeted with a loud annoyed EHH!

Just hearing his greeting and everything made sense. No wonder this place is becoming what it is, with a manager and staff such as these we’re surprised it’s even still open. Anyway, we told him what happened and his response was there’s nothing he can do for us now we should have told him while we were there but that he will look into it and give us a call within a week. That was a month ago and no call was made and we received no apology despite telling the manager that we are regulars and truly care about Punta Del Este.

We really wonder where restaurants and pubs find such unprofessional managers and staff who don’t even know the basics in hospitality and customer service.

Needless to say we are never setting foot at Punta Del Este again and advise them on changing their staff and management or at least train and educate them on how to serve customers or the least how to talk to customers.

What do you guys think !?

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