Junkyard – The Brunch

We were invited to Junkyard for their Sunday Brunch and we had a great experience! The food was good, the service super friendly and the band was amazing.

The only minus was the food took some time to be served and we were told the kitchen is not being able to keep up due to the number of orders.

Urban Lebnon - Beirut FoodPorn

We started with some drinks, the passion fruit martini was delightful and came with a mini jar of passion fruit refill on ice, very lush and fruity. The Bloody Mary is fantastic and a meal in itself, seriously the perfect brunch cocktail; and the Green Garden was just amazing we highly recommend it! To keep it short all the drinks we tried were great.

Meat The Fish Fresh oysters were being served along with an array of sauces; a definite must try!


Urban lebanon

Urban Lebnon - Beirut FoodPorn Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

We had the croque monsieur, lobster roll, fish n chips, and 2 egg dishes! We loved and enjoyed everything, the food is seriously good! The only negative was that the egg dishes weren’t properly salted.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

We wanted to try some of their desserts but the waiter informed us they ran out of every dessert item except the pancakes so we asked for the pancakes! They came in a hot pan with fresh strawberries and maple syrup. They weren’t the best pancakes we had but we found them to be light and enjoyable.

Urban Lebnon - Beirut FoodPorn Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn Urban Lebnon - Beirut FoodPorn

The waiter assigned to our table was very friendly, attentive and cared to ask for our opinion on every dish he served us! The band was very good and played some of our favorite tunes so that was lots of fun.





What do you guys think !?

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