A Brunch At Memory Lane

We had the pleasure of spending a Sunday Morning Brunching at Memory Lane a little while back on a Zomato foodie meetup.

The ambiance was absolutely wonderful, very relaxing place with a cozy interior, we especially love the big skylight in the middle of the restaurant. The bar was beautifully set and huge jars of detox water were available.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPornWe started with a selection of kaak platters: kaak with labneh, kaak with halloum, kaak bi zaatar. We loved the thyme kaak sandwiches and the fact that they grow their own zaatar made it a little extra special, the Labneh sandwiches were also a delight but the Halloumi was bland and flavorless.
We were also treated to a Lebanese platter of Halloumi, labneh, zaatar and cherry tomatoes served with kaak on the side and a charcuterie platter with a bread basket and bread sticks. We enjoyed them with a nice cup of English breakfast tea.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn Than came the scrambled eggs and omelette as well as ham & cheese crêpe. The scrambled eggs were simple, fluffy and tasty with a homely feel, they were served with a side green salad and sesame toast.
The omelette was well cooked, warm, buttery and flavorful but we preferred the scrambled eggs as for the Ham & Cheese crêpe, it looked very appealing and was generously filled.

Another favorite of ours was the fruit salad and granola served with honey and yogurt! Extremely refreshing we couldn’t help but smile with every spoonful.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

We were than treated to dessert, a strawberry Nutella crêpe and a banana Nutella crêpe both really good and perfectly filled with Nutella!

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

Finally the waiter came to our table with a huge tray of enticing cakes and pastries to choose from, they all looked so good. We had high hopes for the dainty slices but unfortunately the taste was disappointing, their sweetness over powered all the other flavors.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

The service was amazing, staff is very attentive and they seem to really care!
We had a great brunch and will definitely be going back soon.

What do you guys think !?

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