L’ancre Tabarja’s Re-opening


We were pleased to be invited to L’ancre Restaurant‘s official re-opening dinner last month and after hearing the new management is the same as Appetito Trattoria in Hamra which happens to be our favorite Italian restaurant we knew we were in for a great evening.

Located on the seaside road linking maameltein to Tabarja and with panoramic views of Jounieh Bay, L’ancre welcomes it’s guests to enjoy their seafood dishes served by professional and courteous staff.


Our dinner started with a selection of Mezze, fattoush, tabbouleh, stuffed vine leaves, batata bel kezbara, hommos, moutabbal, tajen and their famous kebbet samak.

Urban Lebnon – Beirut FoodPorn

IMG_1915 IMG_1921IMG_1920 Urban Lebnon - Beirut FoodPorn

We enjoyed the mezza plates we had. Their fattoush and tabbouleh are really good and we could taste the freshness in the ingredients used.


After the mezza we tried their rich seafood salad that consists of marinated mussels, calamari, shrimps and octopus. We loved the seasoning, it’s a simple yet amazing dish and we highly recommend it.


Their grilled calamari is one of the best we’ve had, its perfectly cooked and not chewy as it is in most places.


Our main dish of the night was the grilled salmon with spinach. The creamy sauce with the salmon was really good we loved this dish and the fish was well cooked, juicy and full of flavor.


After a lovely dinner, we were treated to dessert with a selection of custard and mhallabieh as well as biscuit & raha and seasonal fruits.

We highly recommend L’ancre for lunch on a sunny day to enjoy the beautiful sea views or for a romantic dinner overlooking the Jounieh Bay.

What do you guys think !?

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