Bent Al Sultan

Bent Al Sultan serves a fusion of Lebanese and Turkish dishes, as we walked in we could see that reflected in the decor; simple, modern with a Lebanese flare and ornaments that evoke Ottoman luxury textured with brass and gold.

bent el sultan 5Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

Dinner started with pumpkin soup served hot straight from an actual pumpkin, it was delicious although we’re both not big fans of pumpkin we really enjoyed this smooth and flavourful creamy soup.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

After that a beautiful and appetizing plate of hummus landed on our table with fresh warm bread. The hummus was tasty and full of flavour, and the bread was addictive we couldn’t get enough of both.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

The sultan salad or as we like to call it Tabbouleh with brussels sprouts was our favorite salad, we found the brussels sprouts to be a nice addition. We also tried the kale and pomegranate salad, a simple salad with parsley and rocket leaves.

bent el sultan

Another dish we tried was the cauliflower with yogurt, something we haven’t tried before. Fresh steamed cauliflower dipped in greek yogurt, butter and spices. Also, the fried halloumi with cherry tomato and wild thyme which was our favorite appetizer, the pieces of halloumi were thick juicy and the tomato and thyme gave it a mouthwatering flavor. Definitely recommended!

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

The Caesar pie stuffed with meat and pine nuts was not to our liking, we did not like the meat, we felt it was too sweet and not properly seasoned and it had an unpleasant after taste.

The shish taouk platter definitely made up for the Ceasar pie, it was the best we’ve had, tender and juicy chunks of chicken, perfectly cooked served with tomato, garlic, thyme and rice. The waiter explained that their taouk is made from the chicken thighs instead of breast which is why the meat was so tender. We highly recommend this dish!

bent el sultan 7

We were pleasantly surprised by another taouk platter only this one was made out of Fish, fresh fish cuts grilled on charcoal with a special dressing. The fish was tender and well cooked, the taste of charcoal enhanced the flavor.

bent el sultan 6

As for dessert we started off with the Baklawa stuffed with ice cream, unfortunately this dessert was disappointing, we felt the Baklawa was extremely hard and difficult to cut and bite into.
The Aysh El Saraya came next, not our favourite, it was soaked in syrup and a little spongy when it should have been creamy with a slightly crispy base.

bent el sultan sweets

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