Top 10 Favorite Series Of The 90’s

As a TV fanatic, i spent a big chunk of my life watching movies and series, and although my addiction hit high notes in my teens, and against all my attempts, i was not able to watch every show that aired, but i did come pretty close. I think the 90’s dished out some of the best shows TV had ever seen, and the 10 series listed here are only a few of many favorites, that i am sure everyone knows, and if not then you should definitely watch ..


Friends has got to be one of the best sitcoms ever. It had everything from the sweet romantic moments, delightful quarrels, muddled desperation to the hilarious and witty humor.

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Daria Morgendorffer got her own show after being featured on Beavis and Butthead.
This MTV series was one of my favorites, Daria’s sarcastic outlook made the show what it was. The humor can be dry and might need some getting used to, but if you actually get it you’ll be cracking up.

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Everyone knows Xena the worrier princess, a  spin off from Hercules that turned out to be even more popular.
It had comedy, drama and sword-fighting in the same episode not to forget Xena and Gabrielle’s friendship and respect for one another, the two stars had great chemistry together.



We all know and love Dexter, the boy-genius, and his obnoxious sister Deedee.
This cartoon might be the best thing I’ve seen come out of Cartoon Network.



Married With Children

This might be my favorite series to date! A true masterpiece of a sitcom!
It is the kind of show that has a strange kind of appeal, no moral values to speak of and is crude, rude, and lewd.
Al, Peg, Kelly, Bud and Buck form the dysfunctional Bundy family; and although they couldn’t stand each other, they were as close as a family could be.

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Beavis And Butthead

Another one of MTV’s classics, Beavis and Butthead is a very smart show about two not so smart teenagers who were obsessed with sex, heavy metal music and did not care about anyone but themselves. Although many people found it vulgar a lot of the humor was very clever.

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A truly underrated sitcom! Newsradio was funny, witty and had an amazing cast.
The script was great, i loved that each show was almost stand alone and the characters were so different and unique they complimented each other; from Andy Dick’s spastic mumbling to Dave Foley’s prudish and sarcastic reactions, this series was just golden!

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I grew up watching the heroic teenager that saved the world countless times from evil blood suckers and her quirky best friend / sidekick turned witch. I loved the cast, the plots and the ass kicking but most of all the relationship between the characters and love they had for each other!


Sex And The City

It’s a fun and lighthearted show that follows the lives and escapades of four strong, self-sufficient women in New York.
This show marks the era of cosmopolitans, Manolo Blahniks, taboos, men and “unladylike” behavior!
It’s funny, sweet and the cast is great!

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Truly “A show about nothing” this is a sitcom that focuses and over dramatizes the trivial details of everyday life in a hilarious and almost unfiltered manner. The main characters Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer are childish, selfish, spiteful, compulsive and just plain baffling.

You’re giving me the it’s not you it’s me routine? I invented it’s not you, it’s me. Nobody tells me it’s them, not me. if it’s anybody, IT’S ME!




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