Casper & Gambini’s – Aperitivo

On Thursday June 2nd Casper & Gambini’s launched their new, oh so chic, aperitivo concept. The cozy, warm ambiance sets the mood for a light early evening meet up with friends or co-workers.

You can indulge yourself with a bountiful spread of delectable small bites while sipping on swanky drinks like the Aperol Spritz cocktail and classic Negroni cocktail.

Casper & Gambinis Buffet Appe

The ultimate Italian pastime has made it’s way to our doorstep and it will surely be a hit this summer.

Casper & Gambinis Buffet 4

Casper & Gambinis Drink1 Casper & Gambinis Buffet 2 Casper & Gambinis Buffet 1 Casper & Gambinis Drink2Casper & Gambinis Buffet 5Casper & Gambinis Cheese  Casper & Gambinis Buffet 7

What do you guys think !?

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