The Picturesque Village Of Douma

On the weekend, we took a trip to the beautiful and quiet village of Douma. At an altitude of 1150 m., it is 80 km from Beirut, 30 km from Jbeil and 43 km from Tripoli.

Douma is a part of Batroun district and is known for it’s special location in a valley surrounded by mountains, it is also famous for its beautiful red brick roofs.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

We took a stroll in the lovely quiet old souks, between the traditional stone houses, wooden doors and vines so perfectly preserved, it felt as if time never existed on these streets.
We found a charming little shop occupied by a woman selling all kinds of Mouneh products; from cheeses to jams to stuffed olives and pickles, and most importantly rose and tout syrups, we couldn’t help but buy a few jars.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPornUrban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

A few meters away we discovered another store where a young woman was selling beautiful hand painted artisan items. We were truly impressed by the traditional characters and patterns drawn on bottles, ceramics and wood.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was lunch time and we were extremely hungry; we asked around for guidance to a good restaurant and we were pointed in the direction of the popular Esclapio, a Lebanese restaurant in Douma.
We were seated outside and enjoyed a nice view overlooking the brick houses of Douma. We ordered Mezze and grills and enjoyed every bit of the food and time we spent there. The service was also extremely courteous and friendly.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPornUrban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPornUrban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

After lunch we were craving something sweet and decided to try Al Zahlawi ice cream. With our fresh and colorful cones we lounged in the small yard behind the shop surrounded by greenery and sunshine.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPornUrban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn

We enjoyed spending the day in Douma and look forward to going back to experience the calming and soothing effect of this Lebanese village, its’ hospitable people and food.

Urban Lebanon - Beirut FoodPorn


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