Dogs, Motorcycles & Arguileh To Be Banned in Beirut

A regulation was proposed Wednesday by the Beirut Municipal Council asking for the banning of dogs, motorcycles and arguileh in Beirut’s public spaces.

If it passes the prevention will be enforced in Achrafieh’s Sassine Square, Horsh Beirut and The corniche waterfront.

So far it is still unknown as to how they will apply the new law, but municipal police will be in charge of enforcing the procedures after setting up banners and ads in order to inform the residents and visitors.

The most popular among the areas mentioned in this new regulation is the corniche, dog owners favored place to walk their pets and people wishing to relax and enjoy their arguileh. Dog owners will have to find an alternative to be able to walk their four legged friends.

Instead of banning dog walking maybe they could have tried to raise awareness regarding picking up after the dog or simply fining people who fail to do so. We can imagine the amount of fines that will be handed as nobody in Lebanon cares to do that which is not acceptable. As dog owners we always made sure to clean up after our dog using a portable mini dog waste bag dispenser found in many supermarkets. After all we are the ones walking the streets and we are the ones subjected to whatever waste is left and we have a responsibility to keep it clean and waste free.

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