The J’s – Newly Opened In Hamra

Last week we had the pleasure to be invited to a menu sampling at The J’s new location in Hamra’s Makdessi Street.
We were welcomed by the owner Mohammad who gave us the grand tour of the place and kitchen and who is the man behind the interior decorations, bringing pieces of furniture with him from around the world. The brick wall was inspired by the old New York scene with each brick carefully chosen according to its color.

We were really amazed at the hygiene precautions taken inside the kitchen as the cleaning area and food area are vastly separated. The kitchen consists of 2 floors, the first floor is where all the cleaning happens and is a no-food zone. The second floor is where the magic happens, we had the opportunity of meeting with the talented chef behind the menu.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

We started with the cheesy pops, a mouthwatering breaded mix of Gouda and cheddar cheese with Cajun spices served with tomato piquant sauce. Delicious and Highly recommended.

The sticky-buffalo chicken strips with ranch dip are pretty damn incredible. the sauce is perfectly spiced and the chicken is tender on the inside.

We were than treated to a selection of their sliders, made using the original potato bun imported straight from the US. We tried The All-Star, crispy chicken and pulled roasted  beef. The All-star, a masterpiece of a burger was really enjoyable. The crispy chicken, with buttermilk fried chicken, cheddar, lettuce, pickles and honey mustard was really good. The pulled roasted beef was honestly perfect. We’re usually not fans of it since almost everywhere it comes out too sweet due to the BBQ sauce but J’s really pulled it off. We’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

To our delight we found they had a burger with a name we very much liked, The URBAN Burger. Basically an excellent burger with a black Angus patty, sauteed onions, smoked Gouda cheese, wild rocca and J’s special sauce.

The next time you’re in need of comfort food make sure to try the glazed spicy chicken sandwich with melted cheddar, roasted pepper, lettuce and ranch sauce. We never knew a sandwich so simple could be so absurdly good.

The cheesy steak sandwich with shredded beef filet, caramelized onions, mushrooms, emmental cheese and J’s special sauce. A great sandwich with top quality ingredients.

We finished off with a refreshing and flavorful salad, The Bangkok Beef, that comes with Thai marinated beef scallops (Australian black Angus), carrots, beets and cucumber noodles, cabbage, radishes, pickled ginger, red pepper and citrus ginger sauce.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

For dessert we opted for Nutella and Lotus smoothies while enjoying a bedazzling magic performance by their talented barista. Delicious and refreshing, these blended shakes were amazing. Our favorite was the lotus.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Location: Makdessi Street, Hamra
Phone Number – 01 742433

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