A Beautiful Lunch at Society Bistro

After hearing so much positive feedback about Society Bistro we decided to give it a try and see for ourselves what all the hype was about.
It took us a while to get a reservation as the place is always fully booked, once we experienced it we completely understood the reason why. A beautiful interior with professional friendly waiters, and the food is amazing at shockingly low prices.  (Check out the Menu here)

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn IMG_5584

Food Rundown

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Fresh bread with olive paste and butter were quickly served as soon as we were seated and handed the menu.


Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Éventail D’avocats Aux Crevettes // Poached shrimps, avocado slices, mesclun drizzled with a light cocktail sauce. an excellent starter, but would have preferred less cocktail sauce.


Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Beignets De Crevettes // Large breaded shrimps, fresh and hot, an enjoyable dish.


Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Salade De Chèvre Tiède // Fresh veggies with a vinaigrette dressing and goat cheese on mini toasties. It’s simple, crunchy and so so good!


Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Spaghetti Aux Crevettes // An excellent pasta that will make you reconsider your favorite Italian destination. Highly recommended!


Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Loup De Mer Grillé // Moist, flaky and perfectly cooked, we also loved the soft crunch of the boiled veggies on the side. An incredibly good dish.


Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPornUrban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

For dessert we opted for the tarte aux pommes and pâte à choux with vanilla ice cream.

Tarte Aux Pommes // Absolutely heavenly, a simple flaky tart crust topped with soft, buttery apples and drizzled with caramel sauce, definitely recommended.

Pâte à Choux à la Glace Vanille // Although we prefer our pâte à choux filled with pastry cream instead of ice cream, we rather enjoyed this one. The fact that it was swimming in chocolate certainly helped.




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3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Lunch at Society Bistro

  1. I was humiliated for asking for a to-go box at a restaurant in Beirut. Apparently “it is not classy” at Society Bistro.
    Today was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Beirut, and my friends were leaving back to Egypt in two hours after spending the most amazing weekend in Lebanon, they say. We visited beautiful places and had the best food experiences from Babel Bay to Mhanna Sur Mer to Em Sharif and Tawlet Ammiq… Today was their last day and we wanted to have lunch at a nice place to sum up the great experience they had. So, I recommended Society Bistro, a restaurant I, as a food enthusiast, was dying to try. Of course! I would be! It has a 4.5 rating on Zomato! Lol!
    To cut a long story short! We were three people, so we ordered two appetizers and three main dishes. To be honest, I was not a big fan of the food. I couldn’t finish my vegetarian lasagna, and neither could my friend finish her mushroom tagliatelle. So I asked the waiter for a “to-go” box to take the leftovers which I alwaaaaaaaysss do at any place in Lebanon and the world! And I never had any problem! But NO, not at Society Bistro!! Here the story begins! The waiter politely said they don’t have boxes. I was absolutely shocked as the restaurant looks so sophisticated to not be aware of such an important issue! I asked to speak to the manager, which was accidently passing by our table at the moment. He was in a hurry and did not even want to stop by the table to hear anything, let alone a criticism! Lol! The way he stopped by the table felt like I am interrupting a stranger on the street! After I mentioned that I wanted to take our food leftovers, the so-called manger arrogantly answered with that weird look on his face “sorry Madame, ma 3nna hl système bil ma7al”. I was definitely provoked by both his rude attitude, and his unacceptable answer! So I was like you guys should have such boxes and…. He directly interrupted me rudely again, “madame please, iza badik b2imlik 2yyaha 3n el fatoura”!!! I never ever expected such an answer! And before even being able to encounter his bizarre argument, he just said “sorry I have to leave”, and yea believe it or not, he just left! This guy later claimed that he’s the owner of the place and his name is Wadih el Batal!
    Besides the personal aspect of this story and being mistreated, I can’t believe that such answers are still given in a country that has been suffering from a horrible garbage crisis. I can’t believe that as classy and chic this fantasy restaurant looks, his manager/owner is not ashamed not only of his poor communication and hospitality skills, but also of his ignorance! Of not knowing that food waste is a global environmental issue and working on reducing it is an ethical must! Food waste represents more than 60 percent of Lebanon’s solid waste, and this arrogant manager still thinks it’s just a matter of money (although yes! food waste has both critical environmental and economic implications as well)! Please share to raise awareness and force such restaurants (no matter how popular they are) to change “hl système”.
    Add to that, he ruined my friends’ vacation, and we spent the way to the airport speaking of his arrogance instead of reflecting on the beautiful experience they had in Lebanon! Shame on him!


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