Kempinski’s Decadent Sunday Brunch

Brunch is all about eating great food, enjoying your time, feeling  pampered and down right royal.. or at least that’s how we feel about it and that is exactly what Candelabra is offering.
This lovely brunch spot at the Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort offers something for every palate from standout savory dishes and live cooking stations to luscious sweets and pastries.

Kempinski - Beirut food Porn - Urban Lebanon

“A fancy hotel restaurant
that serves a decadent
Sunday buffet-style



The swanky restaurant’s extensive brunch buffet featured some of our favorite eats.
Fancy some live grilling for brunch? Sure, why not… Oysters and Fresh seafood ? they have that too !
Now we know what you are thinking..
where are the eggs Benedict, the sausages, the pancakes and waffles?
Well they don’t necessarily serve a lot of breakfast dishes for the Sunday brunch (They are available in the breakfast buffet if you are interested) but they serve a vast selection of dishes that are nothing short of amazing. Have a look for yourself ..

Now it goes without saying that the service was impeccable. the waiters are attentive but do not hover, they are alert and constantly moving between tables making sure no plate is left unchanged or glass unfilled. They are polite, helpful and friendly when appropriate which is no shock for a place like Candelabra.

The restaurant is full of sunlight with a lovely view of the pool, it is even better on a sunny day when you can sit out on the terrace because there is nothing more pleasant then to spend a slow Sunday morning relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere, enjoying live music and delicious food. That makes Candelabra a great place to visit with both your friends and family.

This is definitely a high class brunch so expect a lot of ladies lounging in wide brim hats sipping on Prosecco and champagne with their food.


Final Thoughts:
The brunch is a little expensive, but what you’re paying for is well worth it!

Meal highlights:
Fresh seafood, Lebanese Mezze, Live cooking station, Cheese, Crab legs, sashimi, prawns, pastry tables, macaroons … – Truly the ultimate Sunday Brunch !

Price per person:
–   65 $ Including soft drinks
–   80 $ To add wine and Prosecco
–  119 $ for the whole package including Champagne

Additional info:

Open daily from 7 AM to 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM to 4 PM, 7 PM to 12 Midnight
For reservation: 01 828432

What do you guys think !?

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