Friday night At Deek’Matic


We passed by Deek’Matic last Friday night and tried the boss wings, crunchy strips, fries, romano’matic, swis’shroom burger, wild west burger and light chicken..  Alot of love goes into the food preparations at Deek’Matic and this is clearly noticed once you decide to eat there. We were blown away, everything was perfect!

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

The boss wings were one of the best we’ve had. The crunchy strips, prepared in house regular or spicy were enjoyable with the deek’matic sauce.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

The romano’matic served with pesto mayo was excellent the homemade sauce smells and tastes amazing.
Their light menu is not to be overlooked, we tried the light chicken sandwich with mustard sauce served in a brown panini made especially for deek’matic. It’s a simple, healthy and delicious choice.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

Both burgers we tried are highly recommended. The wild west burger was our favorite. Juicy, delicious and we loved the crunchy homemade onion rings with the chicken. We wouldn’t change anything about it.

Urban Lebanon - BeirutFoodPorn

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