Skin & Bath Care Favorites

Being a total sucker for skin and bath care products, I have taken it upon myself to find some quality products that deliver on their promise and offer a little something extra!
So here are a few of my recent favs!



I fell in love guys.. and I fell hard !! Although I have only been using this brand for a short while I can honestly say that I love what L:A Bruket offers and stands for. Their products are almost entirely based on ECOCERT certified oils and waxes; so yes! All natural, organic and handmade! This brand is health, luxury and pleasure all rolled into one.

let me give you a bit of background, it’s a Swedish SPA brand
co-founded by Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén who very simply decided to create their own organic hand soap when they couldn’t find a satisfactory one. This soap got many compliments and encouraged them to continue creating these simple, organic products. They have everything from candles to bath salts & body lotions. Boys rejoice they have quiet the few products for you too! 

I also love their minimalist design! It’s just dark brownish jars and bottles but there’s something about it with those labels and that font that makes it feel.. authentic maybe and a little medicinal, I don’t know if i’m making much sense but I think they’re awesome!

What you see below is the Shea butter No.16. It’s of course organic Shea butter, unscented and natural. You can actually use it on any part of your body, I’ve been using it mainly on my face in the morning after cleansing and sometimes on my lips ‘coz they’ve been getting chapped lately. So yea, great stuff!
I found it in Le 66 Beirut, but L:A Bruket has an online store and deliver internationally.

Their motto- “Low-tech skin care from the Swedish west coast”



I was so happy when I found this brand; I’d seen it online when I was researching organic shampoos and it had decent reviews. I have combination hair, which is another way of saying my hair is having an identity crisis, so I need to use a mild shampoo that won’t damage my dry ends while keeping my scalp clean and I just had to give this baby a try.

Here’s what I know, Juice organics proudly state that their products are made “with the highest content of certified organic ingredients possible”! They have been certified by Leaping Bunny & PETA Cruelty-Free, they are COPA Compliant (over 70% of their ingredients are organic), they do not use any pesky chemicals like sulfates, GMOs, silicone or artificial dyes to name a few and they are free of synthetic fragrances.

I got the Smoothing Shampoo for dry, color treated hair and the Brightening Conditioner for normal to oily hair, because I like my shampoos just as confused as my hair!
I love the shampoo although it took a few washes until I really got used to it. At first I felt it was drying my hair too much but once it took more on my hair it was great, no dry hair and although it says smoothing on the bottle it didn’t defrizz my hair it just made it softer.
The conditioner is mostly made up of natural oils and they are easily absorbed by the hair, so once it is washed off it doesn’t leave a heavy residue, my hair just feels light and isn’t weighed down or flat.
I got them from TSC, it was in the imported products section.





Although I never suffered from dry skin, I feel that lately my hands have been very dry, probably because of the winter cold and I’ve found myself really getting into hand creams. I tried different brands and there are a few that I really like, one of them is L’Occitane’s Shea butter hand cream.

I’m sure you all know L’Occitane and have tried their products, so no brand background is needed.

First let me say I love the packaging; very simple and attractive. The cream contains 20% Shea butter, almond extract, coconut oil and lots of good stuff.  The formula is thick and rich and smells very soft and comforting; it rubs on completely, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasiness.
I hate when my hands feel rough and the skin is tight, but now i’m always armed with a trusty hand cream. I actually liked it so much that I got the lip balm from that same line, it comes in the coolest little tin pot and is 100% organic Shea butter.


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