Our Top 5 Beirut Burgers

Let’s face it, burgers are our ultimate craving.  No matter how high new food trends might rise they will eventually fall but our love of burgers will never die out.

Below are Beirut’s Top 5 (in our humble opinion) Burgers:

Urban Grill
Original CheeseBurger


Owned by a burger fanatic, Urban Grill prides itself on using the best quality ingredients yet serves extremely affordable tasty burgers. A hole in the wall kind of place hidden in the narrow streets of Achrafieh close to AUST. The food is prepared right in front of you which builds the anticipation as you watch your burger being crafted from behind the bar. One of the best meat we’ve had in Beirut, with perfect fries (free refill) and cheddar. Our definite go to place when in Achrafieh and craving a quick bite or burger.

East Village
US Angus Burger


A cozy place in Badaro serving food, coffee drinks and cocktails. The design, menu and feel-at-home service is inspired by Manhattan’s hip and vibrant neighborhood. We tried the US Angus Burger and were quite impressed. 200g of US black Angus beef served medium well, with aged cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, dill pickles and their homemade sauce. Take your date there, he/she will love you for it!

Dar Bistro & Books
Dar’s Hamburger


It might not be an obvious place to go looking for a burger but Dar’s Hamburger is well worth seeking out. A rich patty topped with Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, mayo and served with a side of thick potato wedges. Divine!

Butcher’s BBQ Joint
Merguez Burger


We were among the first to try Butcher’s BBQ Joint’s menu at their pre-opening and were hooked on the merguez burger since, forcing us to pass by every now and than to reward our taste buds. A soft bun with a juicy merguez sausage, caramelized onions, slaw and sauce makes for one insanely awesome burger.

The CheeseCake Factory
Grilled Turkey Burger


Nothing fancy! A simple grilled turkey burger with grilled onions, lettuce and tomato served with french fries. Although the cheesecake factory is mostly known for their huge platters and specialties such as.. well, cheesecake. This burger should definitely be on your list next time you visit.

What do you guys think !?

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