Sapori E Vini

Sapori E Vini is so much more than your average Italian trattoria. This is the kind of place that is going to make you fall in love with Italian cuisine over and over again, and we’re not just talking about pizza here, it’s the pasta, the salad, the homemade fondant …

The place is reminiscent of the traditional restaurants you can find lining the bustling streets of Italy. Everything from the brick tiling to the dangling copper cookware; gives off this rustic familiar Italian feel.
They even have a small corner of fruit and vegetable crates creating the perfect illusion for this Italian experience and setting a warm, welcoming mood.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Ignazio Mundi during our visit, his passion truly comes across in his cooking and he leaves just a little bit of love in every dish he creates.
Choosing our dish was quite the task because Sapori has one of those menus you read and think, “I want to try it all!”, and don’t even get us started on their extensive selection of Italian and local wines; you definitely won’t have any trouble finding a match for your dish here!

The Food

Rucola e calamari grigliati con avocado // Grilled calamari with wild rocket, avocado and lemon oil dressing. This salad was light and delicious. The calamari was fresh and cooked to perfection, it was tender with a slight crunch and went perfectly with the simple dressing.


Maccheroni con gamberi, bufala e pesto alla rucola // Delectable handmade macaroni, topped with shrimps, mozzarella di bufala and the most fresh and flavorful rocket pesto we have ever tried. This dish was an absolute winner!


Filetto ai porcini // Grilled Australian MB2 Black Angus beef tenderloin with wild porcini mushroom sauce served with potatoes. You can’t go wrong with this juicy filetto!


Crema di mascarpone con frutta di stagione // Mascarpone cream with mixed berries, absolutely heavenly. You need to try this!


Fondant al cioccolato con gelato // Homemade chocolate fondant infused with raspberry served with ice cream. Dense dark chocolate with a hint of raspberry. Irresistible!


Final Thoughts:
Sapori E Vini pays great homage to the simple pleasures of Italian cuisine and delivers top-notch fairly priced dishes.

Meal highlights:
The macaroni and mascarpone with berries.

Additional info:
Open daily from 1 PM

For reservation: 09 737437

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