L’Atelier du Miel Workshop & Garden Café

Untitled-1In an unlikely alleyway in Gemmayze lies the perfect destination for a unique culinary experience. The founders of LAtelier du Miel, famed for their unique honey, now bring you a Workshop & Garden Café offering honey based dishes, drinks and of course desserts.

For those of you who don’t know,
L’atelier du miel offers more than30 different types of honey
and honey-based products:
jams made with only fresh fruits
and honey, nougat, cakes,
marrons glacés and other delicacies.Their unique honey production method
follows an all year long beehive rotation
cycle around different areas in Lebanon
to insure the bees are feeding on
flower nectar and honeydew of trees
to produce natural pure honey.

The Café

The café has three seating areas; the first is a narrow long space along the alleyway, followed by a bar and an open bright terrace, the focal point of the café, where you can access the small boutique and workshop as well as the kitchen. Up the stairs you will find a beautiful lounge like rooftop. The calm color scheme, furniture and decorations are all very minimalist and soothing to the eye.

The first floor is laced with metallic wiring and covered in hanging planters of yellow blossoms. We loved the simplified decor and tonal color palette of neutrals with splashes of gold and green, they create a calm cohesion and exude serenity.

The table mats cleverly show a map marked with colorful little dots on the areas L’atelier du miel produce their honey; the same dots are present on the menu next to each dish indicating the kind of honey used in the recipe and it’s origin.

The Food


This culinary adventure started with a sampling plate of four kinds of honey along with their most palatable accompaniments.

The bar offers delicious smoothies, honey based of course, with fresh fruits. The mixed berries smoothie was very refreshing. Made with lemon juice, basil, orange juice, mixed berries and honey. It is guilt free, satisfying and very healthy.

The cheese and cold cuts platter comes in two sizes, 110g and 220g. We chose the smaller option which came with a variety of cold cuts and cheeses beautifully platted and paired with both savory and sweet options that best matched the flavor nuances of the board. We found the truffle honey to be a great addition.

The Lollo verde is a very simple salad of few ingredients; salad greens, cherry tomatoes and bulgur topped with hazelnuts and green apples. the magic was in the dressing! The sweet citrus fusion matched perfectly with the other toppings, there is an exquisite balance of sweetness from the honey with the edginess of citrus from the lemon and vinegar. We’ll definitely be having it again !

The roast beef open-face bagel came with tomatoes, sucrine lettuce, whole grain Dijon mustard and of course honey. The bun was lightly toasted, still moist on the inside. The honey and mustard are a great mixture of flavors and combined perfectly with the roast beef.

The “strawberries” dessert was a masterpiece. It’s a colorful summertime dessert made with honey based sablé and meringues, rich and velvety frangipane (Almond cream), strawberries, drizzles of honey and decorated with edible flowers. Delicate, unique and absolutely delicious.

Go for the food
go for the ambiance
and go for the experience

You won’t be disappointed!



Final Thoughts:
This hidden little garden café goes way beyond the food, L’atelier du miel is relaxing, absolutely delicious and offers great service. It’s true, the menu is limited and offers few items, but they sure prepare them exceptionally well!

Meal highlights:
The Roast beef bagel and the dessert

Additional info:
For reservations: 01 565975
Find their menu on zomato

L'Atelier du Miel Workshop & Garden Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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