5 Food Delivery Applications

You know that feeling when you’re stressed, overloaded and all you want is to binge eat a large pizza with a side of fries and a tank of coke but you don’t want to deal with the judgmental tone of an operator! Or you forgot to withdraw money (Story of my life) and you’re stuck at work with no clue of what you want to eat or if anything around you even delivers!
Well that’s all ancient history … In the age of digital everything, where human interaction is just so overrated, these 5 applications are here to make your life that much easier!


We are sure you are all familiar with Zomato, an application to browse restaurants all over Lebanon, see their menu and information and leave your feedback and rating.
They recently introduced the food delivery service. The process is quick and painless, put your location, choose the restaurant, customize your dish and place your order. They will keep you updated by sending you notifications about your order status!
Zomato offers live chat support and plenty of discounts from various restaurants, the application also keeps a record of your favorite orders.


BitFood will become your new best friend, it is so customizable and easy to use. It offers the option to filter by rating, type of food and cuisine, and not only can you order food for delivery you can also choose to pick up your food from restaurants and pay cash.
It has many features to enhance your individual experience; you can change the language from English to Arabic, Bitfood also saves a favorites list and allows you to quickly reorder your previous purchases; in the dislike feature you can save an ingredient you don’t like and it will be removed from all your future orders and most importantly you can track your order on the map from the moment it is dispatched. They are mainly active in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.bitfood-5.jpg


This application features more than 600 restaurants and delivers all over Lebanon.
It is user-friendly and lets you search by area, find restaurants, choose your dishes and customize them to your liking. Once you place your order, you can choose to either pay online or cash upon delivery.
You can order using their website or by downloading their application. These guys also run competitions in collaboration with restaurants, for their users to win a big number of substantial gifts. Check out their website for details!


With this application not only will you be able to order your favorite foods anywhere in Lebanon but you will feel good about yourself doing it because with every order you make they will donate a piece of their earnings to a charity of your choice.
Both the website and application are user-friendly. They store your order history for fast reordering, this application also offers the option of online payment and cash on delivery as well as takeaway. The great part is when using it you get to benefit from many special offers and deals from different restaurants.  


Toters has a hassle-free process, after pinning your location you will have a list of restaurants and the delivery time needed for each. You just choose your dish, add any special instructions and check out.
Toters currently delivers in Beirut but you can vote for your area to be added to their application. They also offer a small incentive if you choose to invite your friends so they will get 5$ credit once they register and you will get 5$ once they make their first order.



The images used in this post are found from different sources all over the Internet, and are assumed to be in public domain.

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