An Outdoor Summer BBQ

For those of you who already know and tried l’humeur du chef in Mar Mikhael, you’ll be interested to know about their new location at Zaarour Country Club “La cabane du chef”; If you’re not familiar with the concept l’humeur du chef is as the name states a daily menu based on the chef’s mood and cooked right in front of you.

We were invited to a gathering by chef Jad El-Hage for a live cooking show followed by a Bonfire BBQ. As we had never been to Zaarour we decided to make the most of our road trip and made a few stops along the way to take in the beautiful landscapes.

We got there at around 6:30 pm and upon our arrival we were greeted with a glass of chateau Khoury wine which was very delightful, we took a few moments to breathe in the cool air and the amazing view from the terrace while the Chef was preparing for the live cooking.

He started with a delicious reinvented hummus recipe, we then tried the fantastic mushroom provincial on an endive leaf and foie gras with onion confit. It was very enjoyable watching the Chef make these quick and easy starters especially that he was walking us through the steps and explaining his choice of flavour combinations.


While the BBQ was being prepped, we walked around the spacious terrace waiting for the Bonfire sipping on red wine to keep us warm as the night brought a cold breeze.


A few minutes later the fire was a blaze and the BBQ sizzling with a huge selection of meats and chicken, two tables were set with BBQ side dishes and salads including pasta salad and potato salad, cauliflower moutabbal (absolutely addictive), and much more ..



The smokey smell of meats filled up the air and we all gathered around Chef Jad for the cutting of the meat which was done to perfection, with a light pinkish Hue on the inside.
We found the chicken to be very tender and moist, absolutely delectable. We had the meat done medium well, it was lean and juicy we even went back for seconds.
The pork was also good, it had a very subtle flavor.
Everyone got settled around a table and we dove into our brimful plates. It was all thumbs up for the mouth-watering food and waiting impatiently for the desserts.

We were served Chef Jad’s specialty brownies, which were just amazing; we couldn’t get enough even with our full bellies, we kept going back for more as did the other guests, the dessert was truly the cherry on top of our night.

We all gathered around the fire once more and chatted and mingled. We had a wonderful time be it the food, the locations or the great people we got the pleasure of meeting.

This place is highly recommended, the experience in itself is rewarding enough, and the pleasant environment, setup and most importantly great food is just what puts it over the top to make it on everyone’s must try list for this summer !




What do you guys think !?

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